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EHAM - Schiphol

Airport Information

Airport Name Schiphol Airport
Airport City Amsterdam
Type of airfield Controlled
ATC Service Air Traffic Control Service (ATS)
Aerodrome Classes CTR class C, TMA class A



Additional information Between 2300lt and 0630lt there are Night Transitions active for all capable arriving traffic. 
The runway in use at EHAM is determined by the actual runways in use. On IVAO only 1 runway for departure and 1 runway for arrivals will be used at any given time. During events, staff can decide to open a second runway.

Controller Positions

Primary Positions Code Frequency
Schiphol Delivery EHAM_DEL 121.975
Schiphol Ground EHAM_N_GND 121.800
Schiphol Tower EHAM_A_TWR 119.225
Schiphol Approach EHAM_W_APP 121.200
Secondary Positions Code Frequency
Schiphol Start-up EHAM_S_DEL 121.650
Schiphol Ground EHAM_S_GND 121.700
Schiphol Ground EHAM_W_GND 121.900
Schiphol Tower EHAM_D_TWR 118.100
Schiphol Tower EHAM_W_TWR 118.270
Schiphol Approach EHAM_E_APP 119.050
Schiphol Arrival EHAM_A_APP 118.400



Charts can be found via with the following direct link.