Rotterdam Delivery

Position Information

ATC Callsign:Rotterdam Delivery
FRA Requirement:AS1

Area of Responsibility:

Startup and IFR clearance at EHRD

General Procedures

Flightplan Checking

When checking a flight plan make sure to check the following items:

  • Flight Rules (VFR/IFR)

  • Equipment (RVSM equiped/Mode S transponder). Mode S type of transponder is mandatory in the EHAA FIR

  • Departure Aerodrome (must be EHRD)

  • Cruising speed (should be filed in Knots [N] TAS)

  • Flight Level / Altitude (Conform Semi Circular system), below TA in altitude (Axxxx), above TL in flight levels (Fxxx)

  • Correct routing (first FIX for SID, when incorrect usually the whole route is incorrect. Do not just change the first FIX and departure)
    If required you can coordinate with approach for a vectored departure, do not clear for vectors without coordination.

  • Check the FP (Altitude/route) against the LOA's and Quickview for City pairs between departure and arrival aerodrome and restricted routes.

Startup clearance:

Startup clearance should contain:

  1. Startup approved

  2. Runway in use

  3. QNH

  4. ATIS check (either that his version is correct or the correct version)

IFR clearance

IFR clearance should contain:

  1. Cleared to ..... (destination aerodrome)

  2. Departure SID (+aditional instructions if required)

  3. SSR code (Squawk)

Local Procedures

  • Initial climb shall be included in the clearance and is 3000ft or 2000ft if EHAM had 36R for arrivals. Example: "Woody1B departure 3000 feet".

  • The runway shall not be mentioned in the IFR clearance, only in the startup clearance.

  • Startup and IFR clearance may be given directly after each other if the pilot requests startup and clearance.

R/T Examples:


The correct RT Phraseology for an IFR start-up request and ATC response is as follows (information A is active):

Rotterdam Delivery, TRA123, stand D2, information A, IFR to Ibiza, requesting start-up.

TRA123, information A correct, start-up approved, runway 24, QNH1013.

Start-up approved, Runway 24, QNH 1013, TRA123

TRA123, readback correct, report ready to copy clearance

Wilco, TRA123

The correct RT Phraseology for an IFR clearance request after startup and ATC response is as follows:

Rotterdam Delivery, TRA123, ready to copy clearance

TRA123, cleared to Ibiza, WOODY2B departure, squawk 3130

TRA123, cleared to Ibiza, WOODY2B departure, squawk 3130

TRA123, readback correct, for taxi 118.205

118.205, TRA123

The correct RT Phraseology for a VFR start-up request and ATC response is as follows (in this case information D is active):

Rotterdam Delivery, PHNSC, at the vliegclub, information A received, VFR flight to Seppe EHSE, request startup

PHNSC, Rotterdam Delivery, information A correct, Runway 24, QNH1013, start-up approved, for taxi 118.205

Start-up approved, Runway 24, QNH1013, for taxi 118.205, PHNSC

PHNSC, readback correct