Real runway configuration, please also read the IVAO-NL runway system below.

Bron: Luchtverkeersleiding Nederland (LVNL)

IVAO-NL runway system

This system is mandatory to follow. For EHAM runways are selected based on real runway usage as described below, for the airports EHRD EHGG EHEH and EHBK the runway is selected based on METAR wind and shown on the bottom of the page.

It is the tower controllers responsibility to select the runway(s) to be used and inform the other controllers of this. In absence of the tower controller runway(s) to be used are selected in order by:
  1. approach,
  2. radar
  3. ground
  4. delivery.

Runway selection


If the Real runway configuration indicates only two runways (one departure, one arrival) those runways shall be used on IVAO. However the real runway configurations on Schiphol sometimes consist of 3 main runways (runway 04/22 not counted).

If the configuration in use is NOT shown in the table below atc shall select one departure and one arrival runway from the runway's used in real.

If there is an inbound peak at Schiphol the bold runway should be chosen over the other runway

06 + 36R 36L
18R + 18C 24
18R + 18C 18L
36R + 36C 36L
27 + 18R 24
27 + 36C 36L
18R + 22 24
18R + 22 18L
06 + 36R 18L
18C + 27 18L

If there is an outbound peak at Schiphol the bold runway should be chosen over the other runway

06 36L + 36C
18R 24 + 18L
18R 18L + 18C
36R 36L + 36C
06 36L + 09
27 36L + 24
27 24 + 18L
18C 18L + 24
36R 36C + 09
06 36C + 09

IMPORTANT: If runway 06 and/or 36R at Schiphol are in use, runway 06 should also be used at Rotterdam