Runway State Messages

Runway State Message: Runway state messages staan in de METAR en worden als volgt gedecodeerd

Runway Designator (first and second digit) followed by a /
27 Runway 27 or 27L
77 Runway 27R (50 added to the designator for the 'right' runway)
88 All runways
99 Repetition of the last message received because no new information received

Runway Deposit (third digit)
0 Clear
1 Damp
2 Wet or water patches
3 Rime of Frost covered (depth normaly less than 1 mm)
4 Dry snow
5 Wet snow
6 Slush
7 Ice
8 Compacted or rolled snow
9 Frozen ruts or ridges
/ Type of deposit not reported (e.g. due runway clearance in progress)

Extent of runway contamination (fourth digit)
1 10% or less
2 11% to 25%
5 26% to 50%
9 51% to 100%
/ Not reported (e.g. due runway clearance in progress)

Depth of deposit (fifth and sixth digit)
00 less than 1 mm
01 1 mm etc. to 90 90 mm
91 not used
92 10 cm
93 15 cm
94 20 cm
95 25 cm
96 30 cm
97 35 cm
98 40 cm or more
99 Runway(s) non operational due to snow, slush, ice, large drifts or runway clearance, but depth not reported
// Depth of deposit operationally not significant or not measurable
The quoted depth is the man number of readings or, if operationally significant the greatest depthe measured

Friction co-efficient or braking action (seventh and eight digit)
28 Friction co-efficient 0.28
35 Frictoin co-efficient 0.35
91 Braking atcion: Poor
92 Braking action: Medium/Poor
93 Braking action: Medium
94 Braking action: Medium/Good
95 Braking action: Good
99 Figures unreliable (e.g. if equipment has been used which does not measure satisfactory in slush or losse snow)
// Braking action not reported (e.g. runway not operational, closed, etc.)
If contamination ceases to exist, the abbreviation CLRD is used

Voorbeelden van Runway State Messages:
EBAW 021220Z 07008KT 7000 SCT011 BKN035 M06/M09 Q1008 R11/490294 TEMPO 2500 -SN BR BKN010= EHAM 021225Z 10007KT 4500 -SN FEW010 SCT012 BKN018 M06/M08 Q1010 R36R/1///95 NOSIG=
ESSA 021250Z 03001KT 0500 R01L/0800V1100N R19R/0600N R01R/0375N R19L/0350V0700U FZFG VV002 M10/M11 Q1020 R01L/720140 R08/720139 R01R/720146 TEMPO 1000=