Guest Controller Approval

Before applying for GCA, you shall meet the following requirements:
1. You should be at least Aerodrome Controller (ADC);
2. You need to pass the online theoretical test;
3. You are not transferred from the Dutch Division within the past 6 months;
4. You did not had a GCA in the Dutch Division within the past 6 months;
5. You need a clean suspension history in the past year.
6.     You have not more than 4 GCA's

Applying for the GCA
A GCA can be requested by sending an e-mail to, and 

Once a GCA has been requested a background check will be preformed by NL-HQ. When your request approved by NL-HQ the GCA procedure will start. 

To obtain a GCA three parts will be examined in two sessions. The parts are:
1. Online Test - Theoretical test: you have to preform an online theoretical test before you can continue to the Checkout.
2. Checkout – Theoretical part: examiner will check your theoretical knowledge.
3. Checkout – Practical part: examiner will check your proficiency on requested position. 

To pass your GCA all three parts should be marked as success.